Briana Cullen, RN

Position: PRN Nurse (Homestead)

Bri is local to Klamath Falls, OR, and has been a Registered Nurse for 4 years. Most of her nursing background is in acute care as a hospital RN, but her passion for mental health stems from personal and professional experience living in a rural community. During her undergrad, she volunteered with the National Alliance on Mental Illness and Just Talk Suicide Prevention. She also created a platform titled “The Tree of Life,” meant to decrease the stigma surrounding mental illness by providing opportunities at various local events for people to talk about how mental illness has impacted their lives and share how they were able to cope through their most difficult times.

The 2020 pandemic slowed down Bri’s ability to volunteer and instead increased her time at the hospital bedside. As the mental health needs of her patients and their families increased, it became apparent the impact on healthcare workers as well. The lack of available mental health resources pushed her to advance her degree in nursing and become a PMHNP. As a current student at the Western University of Health Sciences, she anticipates completing her advanced-practice degree in August 2024. Her intent is to practice locally and help increase access to mental health care in the community she was raised in.

When Bri isn’t nursing around, she enjoys quality time with her husband and three kiddos. They share 2 large dogs, a cat, and 4 chickens. As a family, they love summertime and enjoy all the local history and outdoor activities to do here in Klamath County.  She loves working at the Homestead as it has truly allowed her to get in touch with her farm-animal loving side.