Brandy Garcia

Position: Program Coordinator (Klamath Falls)

Brandy was born in Bend Oregon but raised in a rural area called Rocky Point, just outside Klamath Falls. She grew up as an only child and spent much of her early years exploring nature.  Brandy has taken many psychology courses at OIT, and plans to work towards her bachelor’s degree in that field.  She previously worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant but wanted to join Dragonfly to pursue her passion for helping others and bring awareness to the community about mental health.  Brandy has been able to take her life experiences and use it to help relate to students in the community. She has learned a lot from Dragonfly that she implements in her personal life. She enjoys being a part of this community and hopes to move into a leadership position in her future.  When Brandy is not at work she spends with her children, two dogs and partner. She loves listening to music, reading, and enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, swimming, mushroom hunting, boating.