Position: Mentor (Embark at Dragonfly)
Anna was born in Seattle and migrated to the wonderful area of Southern Oregon in 2011. She quickly fell in love with the beautiful outdoors that Oregon had to offer. Now, Anna finds her peace in nature, hiking, exploring the wilderness, rock hounding, camping, you name it.

In her earlier days, Anna made a living coding and designing websites and graphics. She changed gears due to her interest in entrepreneurship and established her own small business making and selling jewelry. She also co-owned and ran various other small businesses in the city of Medford for about seven years.
Moving to Klamath Falls in 2022, Anna was ready to dive into a new lifestyle with her husband and fur children. She’s currently attending college to earn her bachelor’s degree, majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in Psychology. Her passion for these interests is what has led her to join the Dragonfly team, where she finds a perfect balance in helping students achieve their goals, pursuing her interest in psychology, and surrounding herself with the beautiful outdoors that encompasses Embark at Dragonfly.