Position: Mentor

Amanda grew up in Rockingham North Carolina and spent her childhood outdoors hunting, fishing and exploring. As she grew older she realized that she was struggling with depression and anxiety. Fishing with her dad was a sure-fire way to help calm anxiety, but Amanda was looking for additional skills to support her in her transition into adulthood. She decided to enroll at Dragonfly Transitions.Dragonfly supported Amanda in learning self-love and confidence. She gained an immense knowledge of coping skills (that still includes fishing!).

Upon graduation from Dragonfly, Amanda worked as an elementary school P.E. teacher at Conger Elementary in Klamath Falls. Working with elementary school students was a joy and a learning experience for Amanda. Her time in the school system only increased her desire to help young people find the same self-love that she had grown to know.

Amanda decided to return to Dragonfly, this time as a staff mentor. She wants to help others find the path to success and joy within themselves. Her experience in the program brings a unique perspective that allows her to truly understand where our students are coming from and show them that it is possible to find personal success.

Outside of work you can find Amanda fishing (of course) as well as hiking, spending time outdoors and taking care of her plant babies.