Position: Lead Mentor

Born and raised on the Southeast Coast of Massachusetts, Alyssa moved to Arizona to earn her Bachelors degree in Psychology from Northern Arizona University. Upon graduation, Alyssa began work at an integrative community behavioral health center, specifically working with adults struggling with mental illness and addiction. It was at this job where she led a mindfulness & movement group and saw how impactful both are in alleviating overall health conditions. Inspired by this, Alyssa began work at a holistic residential treatment center that served adults struggling with physical ailments, addiction, and mental illness, where the focus was teaching awareness of the self in overcoming life challenges and illness.   With a strong belief that everyone holds the ability to create the world around them, Alyssa is passionate about empowering others and shining a light on everyone’s strengths and gifts they bring to the world. She was drawn to Dragonfly Transitions, and the Homestead specifically, because the program seeks to assist in the development of the self while connecting with and learning from the natural world around them.  In her free time, Alyssa enjoys spending time with her family and friends, cooking, reading a good book, writing, driving back roads and listening to music, and spending time in nature… especially by the water!