Life Paths… It’s About the Journey

At Dragonfly Transitions, we encourage our students to be open to new perspectives, discovering independence opens doors that open other doors. Most of us often expect our lives to be lineal, a direct path to our passions, dreams and life goals. However, unplanned events, challenges and dead ends often appear and change the trajectory of our dreams. Life Paths is a group created for our students to prepare for this journey we call life.

Life Paths is dedicated to building life skills such as Leadership, Balance, Creativity, Change Management, Servant Leadership and Critical Thinking. Each weekly session will feature exercises in discovery and self-awareness, we will also feature inspirational speakers that offer personal testimony of perseverance and poise, game changers and thought leaders in the community that have found their paths and embraced dreams that have come to them unannounced!

We all need a little help figuring out what is the best path for us … and some courage to follow it when it appears beneath our feet.

We often fear it will lead us astray, out of our comfort zone. But our path is the one meant for us, the one that takes the best path through all the life events, challenges and life lessons destined for us. It is the scenic one that includes all the good stuff and avoids most of the disasters (unless they are a natural and normal part of our growth into who we are meant to become).

Why Find Your Life Path? Sometimes people stop and ask this question, so it is worth answering. Finding your path in life helps you make good decisions. If you hate something, you should avoid it and travel towards what you love, like a moth to a flame.

Doing what you love, with the people you love, improves your whole life, your mood, your health, everything.

It can also open doors and help you take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. Some people take the first path that opens up to them and often get lost along the way. Some of them wash up here looking for a way back to a real life, a life becoming who they were meant to be. Finding your life path gives you a better chance of that.


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