Lending a Hand

Each student at Dragonfly is asked to participate in lending a hand to the community.

Lending a hand to others and doing so without the expectation of reward builds the character of every person who willingly takes on that challenge. Our students engage in a variety of service opportunities, from helping with the after school mentoring program for elementary age students, graffiti removal with a local community organization to our international service trip to Cambodia.

Lending a Hand in the Community - Dragonfly Transitions

Every month Glenn organizes a group of young adults to deliver food to a local organization that stores and distributes that food to members of the community in need. We recently received a very nice letter from them…

Dear Dragonfly Crew,

We want to thank you all your amazing help in delivering food to our pantry each month. Do you realize that in 2013 you delivered 8 tons of food?!!! There were 731 households fed, totaling 2,788 individuals! We want you to know that we couldn’t have done this without your help. Thank you for your community partnership.


The Friends Church


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