Klamath Falls

Klamath Falls

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Our downtown campus in Klamath Falls is the nexus of our program and has been there since 2000 when Dragonfly Transitions was founded. The Klamath Falls campus offers robust infrastructure and the largest milieu - up to 35 students at any one time – and houses the largest clinical team. Located on Main Street is our coffee shop where we offer a formal job skills curriculum for students that are interested.

The main office and clinical offices are located in this same building on Main Street next to the coffee shop. A block up is the Dragonfly Community Center which used to be an Elks Lodge – a large three-story building.

There is space for groups, ping pong, pool, a commercial kitchen, exercise space, recording studio, mediation room, etc. A block up from that are our four student residences and our academic center. Students on this campus have the benefit of a robust therapeutic community, ample variety in the group therapy sessions offered each term, and lots of support engaging in the larger community by finding internships and volunteer opportunities and attending the colleges in Klamath Falls. In Klamath Falls, there is a four-year stem school, the Oregon Institute of Technology, and Klamath Community College. Many of our students enjoy the simplicity and ease of living in Klamath Falls. Students walk, ride their bikes and utilize city transit to get around in both Klamath Falls and in Ashland.

Klamath Falls allows for students to develop mastery and confidence. It is large enough that all resources are available and small enough that it is manageable for our students to navigate, find connection, and develop independent living skills that prepare them for adulthood.


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