Kathryn Sabol, M.Ed. Welcomed As Academic Director

Mona Treadway, Ph.D, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Dragonfly Transitions is pleased to announce a new addition to the leadership team and academic department: Kathryn Sabol, M.Ed. “Kathryn brings a unique blend of experience and world travel, creating a perfect synergy for Dragonfly and the students we serve”.

Kathryn, a native Montanan, owes her passion for education to her father, who was always the English, music and band teacher in whichever small-town school she found herself. After graduating from Flathead High school in Kalispell, Kathryn spent a year as a foreign exchange student in Angers, France, returning home to study English Literature at Montana State University. Twenty-five years later she earned an Interdisciplinary Master of Education from the same university.

Her career can best be described as eclectic, Some of her earliest jobs included working as a college financial aid officer, paralegal, copywriter, grant writer, and assistant clerk of federal court. When she was invited to join the English faculty at Eastern Montana College in Billings, she knew she had found her calling. She remained in that role for nearly 20 years, eventually expanding her repertoire to teach education and psychology courses, and also to develop a college success strategies curriculum that she later brought to the Montana Women’s Prison. During these years she also raised three extraordinary children.  

The next half of her career included work as a director of a methamphetamine treatment project, a preventive health specialist, a vice-president for development in a private college, the director of a state-wide adoption agency, and the executive director of a therapeutic boarding school.  Most recently she left Montana to work with gifted and twice-exceptional students on the east coast, and then moved to Arizona to serve as a virtual head of school for the same program.

When she isn’t moving and embarking on new careers, Kathryn can be found traveling around the world, seeking adventures of a different nature.  Her most recent travels have included a solo 30 day walk across France, a two-week self-guided tour of Costa Rica, and a volun-tourism adventure in India, working in sloth bear and elephant sanctuaries.  Kathryn also enlisted in the Peace Corps to celebrate her 50th birthday, where she served as a health volunteer for several months in the jungles of Suriname, South America.

Kathryn believes that her lifetime of colorful career choices along with her passion for education is what ultimately led her to Dragonfly, where she is delighted to support young adults as they explore their own academic and vocational opportunities.


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