Happy New Year

Dragonfly wishes you all a Happy New Year!  It’s the start of 2014 and a new term at Dragonfly.  This is a good time to pause and reflect on what is going well and what we want to strive for in the new year.  We recommend that you each find some quiet time to think about goals both for yourself and your Dragonfly student. Please schedule a call with your Dragonfly therapist and share your thoughts.

Glenn and Mona always invite you to schedule a call and share your Dragonfly experience. We value the dialog around questions, comments, concerns, and kudos. Dragonfly Transitions is a “learning organization” and as such, we are always evaluating what works and what needs improvement. We ask our students and families to change and grow. We expect the same of ourselves as individuals and an organization. We are honored to be part of your families journey and take the responsibility with great seriousness. Happy New Year! – Mona

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