Family Involvement

Family Involvement

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Dragonfly Transitions offers therapeutic services to facilitate change and healing in all family members who choose to participate. We have seen first-hand the power of family involvement in a student’s therapy. Families more willing to delve into therapy alongside their loved one can nurture more effective and lasting change.

We strongly encourage adult family members to commit to:

  • Participate in conference calls with your child and their Dragonfly therapist twice monthly.
  • Complete any therapeutic assignments given by Dragonfly therapists.
  • Attending one or more Family Workshops throughout the year.
  • Participate in family sessions when visiting your child in Oregon.
  • Participate in a minimum of six sessions with Parent Coach Professionals.

Dragonfly also recommends family members participate in their own therapy. In doing so, family members outside of Dragonfly can gain greater understanding of themselves and their familial relationships which, in turn, can improve the work done with Dragonfly.


Family Workshops

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Throughout the year, Dragonfly offers three Family Workshops. These two-day workshops consist of comprehensive family therapy, informative presentations, and fun group activities. This is also a great opportunity to interact with Dragonfly staff and connect with other families.

Though Family Workshops can be challenging, they often result in the most meaningful and uniquely impactful therapeutic progress for both the student and their family. These Workshops provide a supportive space for open and direct dialogue between family members, which can increase self-awareness and mutual understanding.

During the evenings and between scheduled Workshop activities, there is ample time for families to relax and enjoy each other’s company in southern Oregon. There are many great spots for dining as well as indoor and outdoor activities.

Parent Coaching

Parents of Dragonfly Transitions students participate in 6 parent-coach sessions with Parent Coach Professionals. Many parents experience a range of struggles during the transition process or in adjusting to parenting a young adult. Some parents have difficulties establishing boundaries, and appropriate consequences while others experience challenges in communicating with and understanding their child or in letting go and allowing space for young adult development. Some parents struggle with their own anxiety or various changes that come with their child moving toward independence. It’s a transition for the entire family.

The parent coach can provide support and encouragement during this challenging process. They work cooperatively with Dragonfly Transitions to:

  • Implement a plan to address immediate concerns
  • Instill confidence in parenting a young adult
  • Support the work of Dragonfly Transitions, the young adult and the parents
  • Develop more effective communication skills
  • Provide ongoing teaching and education for parents

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