Family Dinner at Dragonfly

By Jenny Spicher

Family Dinner Builds Community at Dragonfly TransitionsEvery Tuesday evening all Dragonfly students in town and at the homestead gather together to eat Family Dinner. Each dinner a few students participate in preparing the meal for 30-40 people, learning more about cooking, food prep and kitchen safety.

Family Dinner Builds Community at Dragonfly TransitionsThe meals are intended to be nutritious and introduce students to a variety of different dishes as well as build community as everyone eats together and then takes a turn cleaning up.

Family Dinner Builds Community at Dragonfly TransitionsThis past week, in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, students prepared a traditional Irish meal of Dublin Coddle (boiled sausage, potato and onions) and sautéed cabbage, thanks to a recipe from Program Director Brian.


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