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Young Adults and the “Failure to Launch” Phenomenon

Change is a constant, but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. From moving to starting a new job to sending your child off to college, transitions can be difficult and settling into a new routine can take time.

Young Adults and the “Failure to Launch” Phenomenon - Dragonfly Transitions

Young Adults and the “Failure to Launch” Phenomenon – Dragonfly Transitions

For some young adults, making the transition into adulthood is a daunting challenge that they’re not ready for, and they may feel stuck in young adulthood as they see their peers leave for college or start their first job. Watching your child struggle with their burgeoning independence is frustrating and disheartening, but Dragonfly Transitions is here to help. Through life skills group therapy, our staff teaches young adults how to live independent, healthy, productive lives and helps families deal with this important transition.

How to Launch a Failure to Launch Young Adult

Preparing your child to be independent is one of the toughest parts of being a parent. Your instinct is to protect them, but your job is to prepare them to leave home. This delicate balance can make it difficult to teach them all the life skills they may need, and the constant presence of social media and technological distractions makes your job that much more challenging.

Some young adults may experience a “failure to launch” into adulthood, which may be caused by a variety of reasons. They may be dealing with a diagnosed or undiagnosed issue such as Asperger’s Syndrome, Learning Disabilities or ADD/ADHD which can inhibit emotional maturity. Young adults who’ve completed college may have a degree in a field they’re passionate about but one that isn’t marketable. Looking for a job in the current economy can be a daunting and even demoralizing task which may force a young adult to move back home.

In addition, today’s young adults grew up with the Internet and their yearn for instant gratification may cause a lack of drive and resilience to face frustrations in a productive way. The consequences of this “failure to launch” can be depression, low self-esteem, social anxiety and even substance abuse. However, spending time in life skills group therapy can make a significant, positive, lasting difference.

Dragonfly Transitions is a Residential Transition Program

The staff at Dragonfly Transitions in southern Oregon understands these challenges and is committed to providing a caring, respectful environment for young adults who need to learn life skills before claiming their independence. Through education, fitness, employment, recreation, healthy relationships, nutrition and emotional wellbeing, we teach young adults the skills they need to thrive as adults.

Our nine-to-twelve-month program has progressive phases and a variety of living environments to suit our students’ needs, and we’ve found that life skills group therapy is a necessary component to empower young adults on their path to autonomy. Our individualized therapeutic approach includes psychiatric evaluations, medication management, mentoring and family workshops. We offer a variety of life skills group therapy including finance, distress tolerance, social skills, cooking and nutrition and meal planning. In the nearly 20 years since we started Dragonfly Transitions, we’ve seen how beneficial it is for young adults to live and work together on their journey towards independence.

Dragonfly Transitions Testimonials

One of our graduates shared the following about the Dragonfly Transitions experience: “I was terrified to change. I was terrified to grow up. And yet, choosing Dragonfly was the best decision of my life.” The father of one of our former students said, “I wanted to thank you for your efforts with my son. He has grown tremendously over the past 13½ months and I think that the structure and support that you have provided him at Dragonfly has been of great benefit to him…The balance of freedom and structure that Dragonfly has provided him has enabled him to make his own choices within a constructive framework and to develop some additional maturity…It is clear that the support that he derives from his Dragonfly relationships has been and continues to be a vital element in his progress.”

Our goal at Dragonfly is to affect lasting change for our students and their families; our life skills group therapy is a crucial component of our program. We know the road to adulthood isn’t easy for anyone, but we’re here to help make the transition a more manageable, positive experience for the whole family. Please contact Dragonfly Transitions to learn more about our programs.

We know the road to adulthood is difficult and raising an independent young adult can take a village. Please contact Dragonfly Transitions to learn more about our programs or call us: 208-425-4888

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