Dragonfly Transitions Groups

Dragonfly Transitions offers a variety of groups over the course of each term.

While many of these Dragonfly Transitions groups focus on therapeutic education, there are many others that are in place to help our students pursue common interests, try new things or focus on specific talents. Below are just two such opportunities.

As the new term approaches, the clinical team in conjunction with the mentors and the students will brainstorm and determine the different Dragonfly Transitions groups that will be available to the student body. Every student has the opportunity to make suggestions and offer new ideas.

Homestead Adventures

Dragonfly Transitions groups

Every Monday Homesteaders participate in the Recreation Group. During this time they travel to a variety of locations within the region and explore some of the natural wonders that Klamath Falls and the surrounding areas have to offer.

Recently, the guys discovered the beauty of Hagelstein County Park. They hiked up the hills to a look out point where they spotted five bald eagles! The eagles were traveling into the basin for the winter season as they do each year. At the pinnacle, they were able to see almost all of Upper Klamath Lake as well as Mount McLoughlin, Mount Shasta!

Music Group


Every week students in the Music Group gather in Dragonfly’s recording studio to play music together and workshop solo songwriting projects.

We record collaborative songs and share/critique current student music projects. Regularly at Dragonfly there are some very talented musicians. Currently there are drummers, guitarists, vocalists, keyboard players, bassists, and even a ukelele player. Together students are able to explore new instruments and also play together, expanding on their talents.


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