Dragonfly Transitions in Cambodia

Dragonfly Transitions in Cambodia - Dragonfly Transitions Dragonfly Transitions in Cambodia - Dragonfly Transitions

On June 13th, 10 students and three Dragonfly staff departed for a 21-day adventure to Cambodia. Students who experience Dragonfly Transitions in Cambodia find profound growth and personal insight through travel, group process, service to others, and education. Below is an excerpt from their travel blog:

“As we continue our journey, we find ourselves in the beautiful jungle which is home to the Elephant Valley Project (EVP). It was a day with the elephants! It started with a short lesson by Jack (the park owner) about the park, the elephants, their history, and what some captive elephants are put through. The elephants that EVP rehabilitates have either been injured, overworked, are in need of a home, or abused. These elephants have been used in various industries such as logging, tourism, and hunting. EVP’s goal for the elephants is to develop natural instinct and behaviors. They currently have eleven elephants, three of which they own and the others are here for an elephant holiday. You can read more about the elephants individual stories at Elephant Valley Project’s website”.


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