Bend Trip and New Year’s Celebration

By Chelsea Kibbe-Kremer and Sara Arredondo

Dragonfly Transitions  - Safe, Fun and Memorable New Year's CelebrationTo honor the start of a New Year, Dragonfly students engaged in safe, fun, and memorable activities. For those who went on the Bend ski trip, the weekend quickly embodied a “go-for-broke” attitude of attempting to get in as much time on the mountain as possible. For many students, this included rising before the sun to be on the first chair and being outside for the majority of the day.

On the ski trip, 2016 began with the 114 inches of snow on Mt. Bachelor with temperatures in the single digits and wind gusts reaching 60 mph. Some students skied, some snowboarded, and some enjoyed the slower pace of Nordic skiing. As a celebration for those who did not go on the ski trip, Dragonfly also hosted New Year’s Eve activities for students to ring in 2016 in a fun and safe environment.


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