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Vocational Training Program:

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In February 2010, Mona and Glenn took ownership of A Leap of Taste to further the mission of Dragonfly. A Leap of Taste is a friendly environment for young adults in Dragonfly Transitions to acquire job skills, learn social responsibility, and build relationships within the Klamath Falls community.

A Leap of Taste employees are a mix of local Klamath Falls residents as well as students from Dragonfly Transitions. Throughout the week, local musicians and sometimes Dragonfly students perform live music. The café also hosts an occasional Open Mic Night.

Students can participate in a vocational training course at A Leap of Taste over the course of an academic term. By turning in a résumé and applying for a position at A Leap of Taste, students work through the basic steps of obtaining a job with the security of knowing their mistakes are preparing them for their future job search in Klamath Falls and beyond. Student volunteers receive feedback and evaluation on their work habits and ethic. The manager works with Dragonfly mentors and therapists to give students further support.

Volunteers have the opportunity to:

  • Acquire barista skills through training
  • Learn valuable customer service skills
  • Learn safe food handling
  • Learn how to operate a register
  • Observe how a business is run
  • Help cook delicious café recipes
  • Build their résumé

Additionally, volunteers and other students can attend workshops focusing on topics such as résumé writing, tactics for working while in school, and interview strategies.

A Leap of Taste - Klamath Campus

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