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A Day in the Life of a Dragonfly Mentor: Camo

Posted on Wednesday, May 6th at 7:42 pm

Enjoy this fun spin on a day in the life of a Dragonfly Mentor through her dog’s eyes.

“Wanna go to work?” His eyes light up, his tail starts to wag, and he runs to the door. I clip on his leash and we bound down the stairs on our way to Ashland campus. He knows the route, getting more and more excited to see all of his friends. We walk through the front door to see a living room full of faces and a cacophony of “Camo!” And so, his day begins.

Camo does his rounds, soaking up all the pets and belly rubs. He follows me around as we check chores and freshly made beds. He picks up scraps from breakfast and ensures the garden is safe from all squirrels and birds. We settle in for morning check-in and he takes his place on the floor center stage. He hears how each student starts off their day, what they are grateful for, what they are hopeful for, what is inside and outside of their control, and of course, a goofy question usually about food, movies or superpowers.

After check-in, Camo visits his friend B, busy watering the garden beds full of peppers, sunflowers, squash and greens and pruning the roses. He gets a belly-full of hose water and they play a bit of fetch. He checks on his friend D, reading in her favorite chair on the porch, enjoying a cup of coffee.  Camo does his morning training with M, showing off his hugs and high-5s, getting way too many treats.

Now it’s time to get to business. We’ve got a day full of groups, including a gym trip, all before dinner. He sits patiently at our feet while we discuss a TED talk or article, or work on our academic or vocational projects. He listens attentively as a student leads a community meeting or shares a life story. He is eager to offer encouragement with his wise, orange eyes, and plenty of nuzzles. Then, Camo spends time under my chair as I type clinical notes and respond to emails.

We fit in a walk, usually with a student or check in on someone at SOU. Camo loves these trips because he gets to visit E and meditate in the grass. Back on campus, we get ready for a workout in the garden. Camo loves jumping with us as we do jumping jacks, sprawling on us as we stretch and stepping on us as we do pushups. It is his version of ‘helping’.

He then oversees meal prep, catching any dropped scraps. He takes his supper in the garden with us as the sun starts to fade. Back in the office, Camo gets sleepy and winds down as I finish the last of my paperwork and check in with my coworker. We say goodbye to the students. “Wanna go home?” Camo rises and stretches, eyes droopy from sleep and lets me put his leash back on.

He is snuggled on the way out, wagging his tail at all his friends and we enjoy our walk home in the dark. He falls asleep fast, this hard-working mentor dog, ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

Blog Written by: Abbie Morrissey